Well-ventilated and clean area Minimum distance between two towersPosition
See that piping job can be carried out easily  Ascertain tower must keep level. The uneven water distribution will decrease cooling efficiency seriously.
Minimum clearance between tower and enclosureTighten anchor bolts fully on the foundation

Discharged air from cooling tower is not re-circulated into the tower Free from dust and dirt, sulphurous acid and hazard gases These are the major elements to damage refrigerator condenser or some other applications Open and not affected by sound resonance
OthersAs tower is set-up completely, be sure there are no tools or other objects left in the tower.

Check-up if piping or water basin is leaked.

As make-up water pressure is lower than the specified, install one water tank higher than the water level or a make-up pump in the piping system to obtain the desired pressure.
The inlet/outlet pipe must be lower than the pipe connections of water pump.Two cooling towers with one pump at design, it must offer an equalizer on each tower to keep same water level in it.
The circulation pump must be located below the water pump under proper operating.