Delta’s DFC-60 Series Cooling Towers utilize the induced draught counter flow principle of operation. Heated water enters via the hot water inlet passing through perforated branch pipes spreading the water evenly by the splash caps. Water is distributed over the heat exchange fill. Water flows as a thin film downward through the fill coming into direct contact with ambient air traveling upwards in a counter flow direction.

Water cooling is affected by heat transfer to the air in the form of evaporation and convention. To prevent carry – over of water droplets by the fan, drift eliminators are mounted above the water distribution. The drift eliminator controls drift loss to less than 0.02 % of water in circulation.

Great flexibility is introduced by multi-cell cooling towers which can be tailored to meet individual cooling requirements and conditions. This design also assures a high degree of availability.


FRP Cuboid Cooling Towers are of vertical induced draught counter flow design with uniform water distribution and optimal heat transfer. Cooling towers can be installed independent of wind velocity.

Axial Fan

Especially designed energy efficient fans are induced draught axial type with adjustable pitch. Fan blades pitch is factory set and dynamically balanced


The tower is made of tough fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocity and vibrations. Gel coat is used for UV rays protection and longer life. The water sump is also of FRP and is leak proof.


The fill is of rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and is of honey come design with very large contact surface area. The purpose of fill is to split the water and air into several streams to increase the time of contact and also heat transfer between air and water. The fills are available with standard size of 24” x 12” x 6” with the thickness of 0.25 mm.


The motors are totally enclosed (IP-55) flange type, 415 V, 50Hz., induction weather proof with extended shaft and are especially designed for cooling towers.

Drift Eliminator

The FRP eliminator reduces the drift loss of water and it is made of rigid PVC Section.


The performance of the Cooling Tower greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills. Nozzle distributes the water evenly through a wide spray angle. They are light weight and reduce the frequency of clogging.

DFC-50 and DFC-60


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