pultruded cooling tower

Pultruded Cooling Towers

Delta has a range of Pultruded Cooling FRP Cooling Towers- The DPC 70 Series. These are high strength field erected cooling towers known for phenomenal  corrosion resistance. FRP Pultruded sections and sheets are used to build them. For larger capacity cooling towers, this is the best choice you can make .Apart from the high strength  strength and performance benchmarks, the DPC-70 is a sustainable option as it is environmentally safe and has on of the best aesthetics a cooling tower can possess.

Pultruded products are gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry due to obvious reasons and advantages of pultruded sections. It is already being used to manufacture composite parts for a multitude of applications. Cooling towers are one of the prime places where this is being used. Cooling towers like the wooden ones have seized to exist now..

In the manufacturing of pultruded sections, continuous lengths of FRP sections with the same cross section are made. The size of the manufacturing machines will be different depending on the application or scale. A heated die is used here and the raw materials are pulled through it, just as the name suggests. After this step resin impregnation takes place, once the rovings are out of the guide and pass through a wet bath. Then the fibers pass through a heated pool. Once this is complete, they pass through  a heated die. Now a pulling mechanism is put in place to separate the cured profile from the die to complete the process.

Advantages of Pultruded FRP Sections:

  • Environment friendly manufacturing process. In the manufacturing of pultruded sections, the energy consumption is considerably lesser than any other manufacturing process of similar type.
  • Unmatchable Quality: Extremely durable and high quality products are obtained by this manufacturing technique.
  • Ultra Lightweight:These sections weigh 80% lesser as compared to steel and 30% lesser as compared to Aluminum.
  • When compared with Aluminum pultruded sections are found to be as much as 80% lighter than Steel and 30% lighter than Aluminum.
  • No Maintenance: Due to the extreme durability of pultruded sections and corrosion resistance properties they are considered maintenance free.