DFC-60 UX is a part of our CTI Certified Cooling Tower Series. It focusses on every industrial sector with a modular conception. It is without a question, the best practical solution. Known for safety, reliability and its extremely versatile nature it is suitable for all kinds of applications be it small, medium or large.

The DFC-60 UX are induced draft counter flow cooling towers. They are built for extreme conditions and are tested rigorously for the extreme level of events that could ever occur. They require low maintenance and are engineered to withstand most forces and last long with least amount of human intervention.

CTI (Cooling Technology Institute is the world’s premier body organisation for cooling technologies and certification regulating standards of cooling tower performance and efficiency.

Being certified in CTI’s STD-201 program, we continue to Showcase our ability and desire of effectively providing the highest industrial standard  products to our customers.

This certification not only takes into account the demand of our customers, but also shows our belief in high quality products and stringent quality standards to all our customers. Above everything we build trust through our exceptional after sales services.



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